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Android Application Developer

About me

There is a man passionate about technology. He is interested in everything mechanical and electronic.

Android enthusiast. UX, UI, ASO and SEO self working and experience. IoT supporter. 3D modelling and printing studies.

My Skills
Android Studio
Social Media APIs
3D Print & Maker Ability
Mobile Devices

Work Experience

Application Development Specialist

Innova 13 August 2018

We are developing innovative and modern mobile applications on iOS and Android.

Android Application Developer

Başarı Mobile 29 June 2015

We are creating Android application solutions to a variety of business areas. Some of our activities are about photo printing service, Android smartphone R&D, Turkish vendor partnerships, local application store management.


YD Yazılım January 2015

Simulating an online information system named Mavi Masa respect with Microsoft.Net MVC and Visual Studio 2012.


TCM Bilişim ve Danışmanlık Hizmetleri August 2012

C# project development, Sample survey project development with ASP.NET


Computer Engineering

Işık University 2008 - 2014

Started with basic principles of engineering and continued with basics of software developing on Java. Meeting with Java technologies in the middle of the story and to meet with Android. Endings with thesis of Android application project.


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Google Play Store

Hülya'nın Mutfağı

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